My Secret Internet Traffic Producer

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I’ve decided to share with you my best way of getting traffic to my blogs. As we all know traffic is a must. Doesn’t matter how good our writing is if we have no one seeing it. Hopefully your content will keep the traffic coming back. Are you ready for my secret method? Drum Roll please.

Plagiarize someone and let them know that you have copied their work.

Now I have you wondering about this and how it will get you traffic. Once you select a popular blogger, cut and paste the best piece of his work. Copy it word for word. Include all images.Make sure you post it on your site and notify the victim. Inform him of your URL so he can check it out for himself.

How does this get traffic?

Chances are your victim will be highly upset. That’s good. You want him upset enough to write an entry on his blog explaining how you ripped him off.Hopefully he will include a link to your blog. He may want others to verify the theft.  You will get the traffic everyone so desperately wants. By the way, you may want to turn off comments if you can. I’m sure they won’t be pleasant.

Warning ……………..plagiarism is illegal. You may end up with legal actions taken against you. This piece was only for entertainment purposes only. I don’t condone this as an actual method of getting traffic!



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