Organ Donation

Organ Donation

Let’s set the the record straight right from the start. I’m not talking about the musical instrument. However if anyone wants to donate an organ to me, please feel free. Contact me an I’ll arrange pick up.Of course I’d have to take a few lessons. As of right now I can only play a mean Chopsticks.

I’m talking about internal organs of the human body. Most states have a plan that allows you to donate organs after death. Usually it’s filled out on your driver’s license. You also have the option of having your wishes expressed in your living will.

By now, if you follow me, you know I ask questions. The question I ask now is how many people that are willing to donate their organs actually take the time to arrange this?

An average of 18 people a day die waiting for an organ transplant About 72 percent of people say they want to donate an organ, but the number of people signed up is much lower. 23 percent fear they wouldn’t qualify due to existing health problems. 50 percent of those willing to donate fear their medical treatment would be compromised in an effort to get their organs. 44 percent believe there is a black market for organs.

You would figure that if 72 percent of the population was willing to donate that the list of 100,000 people waiting for organs would be shorter. The problem is that people are busy living their lives and not thinking about the end. Imagine alot of you reading this probably don’t have wills drawn up. Do you even have a living will? We, as a group, never think of these things until it happens to someone else. Even then it never moves past the thought process.

My solution to this problem isn’t that complicated.Instead of having people opt in to organ donations, why not have them opt out? Every person agrees to donate organs upton death. If you choose not to, then you check the box on your driver’s license or register with the Do Not Donate List. It’s alot like the Do Not Call list for telemarketers. You’re not on the list, your organs can be used to benefit another life. The choice would still be up to the individual.

Of course this idea makes way to much sense for any politician to pick up and run with. There isn’t enough public demand. So, the present system will stay in effect. Therefore, I’m encouraging all to take sometime out of you busy lives and make the necessary plans to donate your organs. We have the know how, but the main pieces are missing. If 72 percent consider doing this, then 72 percent should stop considering and take action.


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