How to Run Apps & Games on Your China Mobile Phone (Mtk).

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Hey…. first let’s check whether you can run apps and games on your phone…

to check type *#220807# when on the desktop…If a webpage starts to load/an application window pops up , it means

your phone can run apps and games,,,

If an application window popped up you can skip step 1 and directly go to step 2… but if a webpage started to load you must follow step 1..


First download the file DSM_GM.mrp .. just search DSM_GM.mrp on google… you will find it..after downloading

put it on the ‘mythroad’ folder//.. it can be found on your memcard inserted on the phone..

step 2:-

Download .mrp format files and apps (available on using

step 3:-

copy them to the ‘mythroad’ folder found on the memcard

Final step:-

dial *#220807#..

on the menu that appears click on the desired application and it will launch..


1) when i dial *#220807# nothing happens! what will i do..?

Answer: well, it seems your phone doesn’t support apps/games.. sorry

2) is there anything i can do?

Answer: you can try downloading dsm_gm.mrp from the net and copy it to mythroad folder in your phone..

3) There is no mythroad folder in my phone!

Answer: create one… i don’t think it will work though!

4) It worked!

   Answer:- Your luck! 🙂

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