How to Make Glittery Fall Leaves For Your Centerpiece Project

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Fall season marks the arrival of special holidays. Around this time, we tend to come up with many centerpieces in order to give our homes a sense of warm holiday feeling. This is of course a fun thing to do. So if you have in mind a centerpiece that celebrates the season of autumn you must incorporate effects of glittery fall leaves in your creative project. Here are the instructions on just that. 

Things required:

  • A candle holder plate (Color and size of your choice)

  • Potpourri of fall colored leaves

  • Loose golden colored glitter

  • Water glue

  • A small bowl

  • Brush (bristles must be soft)

  • Crayola model magic

  • Tacky glue


Step 1: First of all, stick dough of model magic to your plate.

Step 2: Spread the dough evenly to make a bed. The bed must be circular in shape. 

Step 3: Next take a potpourri leaf and on one side of it dab a small amount of tacky glue. You can also use a brush for this task. 

Step 4: Then simply stick the glued part of the leaf to the model magic bed you have just created.

Step 5:  Repeat the process until the bed is fully covered with leaves.

Step 6: Next in the bowl mix an equal amount of water glue and loose glitter.

Step 7: Brush all the leaves of the bed with this mixture.

Step 8: Once you are done, let the plate sit for about 9 hours. This will dry out the glitter and tacky glue.

Step 9: Now the plate is ready to hold any centerpiece items you want.


  • It is possible to use real fall leaves in this project. However, they have a tendency to attract insects. By using potpourri leaves, you can basically keep them away.

  • You can prepare this plate also for Thanksgiving.

  • If you wish to stick in a tree stem do it before spreading the leaves on the plate. Also make sure you use the tacky glue for this.


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