What is Concealer And How it Can Help You ?

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Concealer is a type of makeup used to hide pimples, dark circles and other blemishes visible on face and other body parts.Though there are various colors in which it is available but the most common types people use are green or red.

Some colors are intended to look like a natural skin tone,you can use it to cover small blemishes of discolored skin like an under eye circle,you can even hide tattos with it.But you need different sort of product,it all depends on what you want to hide. Some makeup artists are now suggesting putting on concealer after they put on foundation,as many of the users have tendency to apply it before foundation which is not right.

Heavy concealers can block skin pores which can lead to some problems related to skin like acne etc. If you have acne related problem then, you need a concealer that is oil free and don’t block pores. This will help you in preventing problems like blockage of pores.

Concealer Brush

It is suggested that you should use brush for applying it.You should look for a brush that works for both liquid or powder and have fine bristles which are not too thick.There are different sort of brushes for different applications not all are same so spend some time in research and find the best one which works for you.


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