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At the bottom of this article, next to the rate this article bit, is some ways that you can make links to the article, from sites like Digg, and Stumble Upon.

This article will probably never be found in a Google search, because the title is too abstract, but nevertheless, I would appreciate a link or two to be made to it.

I have other articles which I would really like to have a boost in the Google rating for, like: Free ways to promote your website or business, Which article writing site pays the best? and my most successful article: What are the most googled words on Google?

A little link weight goes a long way, especially if you repeat the process of exchanging links from other sites with a few different people.

To exchange a link with me, click on one of my favorite articles, go down to the bottom of the screen, and Digg it, Mixx it, Stumble Upon it etc. You may need to join the site first.

Then leave a comment with the name of your article, and I will find it, and leave a comment on yours to tell you that I have done the same. It may take a little while, but I will do it.

You can make even more links to your articles by downloading a free browser add on called Add this. If we find that it is successful, we may be able to swap links as a group, which would give a great link weight boost to all of us, and make a lot more money from that better spot on a Google search.


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