Why Do You Want to Write?

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Writing has never been an easy task. Even prolific writers have days when they find it hard to write about any particular topic. That is so called writer’s block. One factor affecting writer’s block includes pressure over deadline or over readers’ impression. With this hindrance, writing can sometimes become a burden rather than an enjoyable activity.

We all know writing is not always dedicated to simply amuse or give ourselves enjoyment. Just like any other sports or activities we love, writing can also be challenging, exhausting and frustrating as well. Despite of these obstacles, we continue doing it because it gives us a sense of purpose. Whether we write for the sake of money or just for the sake of pleasure, we always enjoy the reward of fulfillment afterwards.

Some of us may actually be unaware of it but writing is part of every people’s lives. For a business to grow, the owner has to keep track of the records of sales and inventories. Without writing, there are also no records. And without records, the owner as no way of knowing if the business he’s running is doing well or going down. Another obvious benefit of writing is the bible. If God’s message were not transcribed into words, church would not be able to live for centuries. Writing is the best way to preserve the vital information from the history. More than that, writing can be so powerful that it can change the views, beliefs and the whole lives of other people. Truly as it is being said, a pen is mightier than a sword. If done on purpose, it can destroy somebody else’s reputation. On the positive side, it can win the hearts of those seeking for love and affection. Therefore without writing, life can be so empty.

It is very important that as writers, we must go back to the main reason why we write. This way we could push the button to re-charge our eagerness to write again. The main reason we write is that we love to write. Without love, we won’t be passionate about it. And without passion we won’t enjoy what we’re doing. If there is joy in what we do, everything will just flow out of personal fascination. If this happens, writing becomes a play rather than just plain work. Aside from that, writing becomes a natural expression of intellectual excitement.  

            So next time ran out of things to write about, start asking yourself “Why do you want to write?”

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