Sermon Writing Structure – Organic

Title: Organic build-up

Summary: a way of implementing the sermon writing process.

Motivation: hearing is an organic process that is inherently not logical, no long progressions of ideas can be heard. Hearing focuses on the now moment, and then follows it as the current idea changes into another one. While this one change needs to be semi-logical, a chain of such changes does not have to be, and hardly ever is in life experience.

Build a cell. Can contain 2-3 ideas or points. Is encapsulated.

Connect it to another cell. Or maybe it would be true to say it splits off another cell.

Build this next cell.

Progress may not be logical, but is organic. One thing leads to another, and yet is guided by an overall design. Like DNA.

Can the effect be bewildering for the listener? Watch out for this.

Necessary: the cells must belong together, be connected. No jumps.

Plan 1:

–         write the cell sections
–         craft the connections between them
–         create a summary that touches all cells


Plan 2:

–         write the cell sections
–         craft the connections between them
–         end on the high point or climax that has been created by all the connections made

An example of using plan 2 in a sermon: Forcing Truth.

By the way, the brain works by building connections. It does not work by creating logical sequences. This is why we all have such wildly differing associations with things.


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