Gamebattles a Review And How To Avoid Disputes!

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On Gamebattles you can play as a large team, doubles or singles! It revolves around 2 million gamers who will be honest in their gameplay! However since this isn’t a perfect world they encourage people to take pictures or film their matches! If you are a regular Gamebattles user you will notice the large the team members involved the less likely there is of any form of dispute only disgruntlement! However as you get down to doubles and singles people will actually try to photoshop pictures and the like! I will help you avoid these things!

The first thing I will tell you is DO NOT GIVE UP! If you won and you know it then do not give up! If you cheated and try to dispute the win you give up after awhile so you aren’t caught! If you are right don’t let the cheater get the win he doesn’t deserve! Now the biggest way I have seen people get screwed is one taking pictures and one not! If they submit a picture of a win and you don’t, guess who gets a loss? However try to make your pictures the best quality possible to avoid photoshop looking pictures! If you think your opponent photoshop simply open the picture where they uploaded it and zoom in around the names and prestiges and you will see lines or neater typing on one then the other! There are two more way to trick gamebattles with pictures! You can simply win one of three matches and take a double picture which I had never seen until last night which encouraged me to write this guide about it! The last thing you can do which I have never seen done and hopefully will not! Get a friend roughly the same rank etc. to change their name and play a mock match and take pictures. This would only work however on games you can easily change your name! To avoid this happening to you look for time stamps, prestige or rank symbols or wrong map/gametype!

On gamebattles if someone puts up a film against you and you won then you are playing with a hacker! Haha! Just watch the video repeatedly and look for errors in it! You WILL find some obvious ones!

This bit is about a fake sponsorship which I have seen countless people fall for! Someone sends your leader or you an E-mail about a decent sponsorhsip package! You are excited all you have to do is keep being awesome and invite the person to your Gamebattles team! That isn’t hard for a new Xbox or new Turtle Beach headsets! However nothing ever comes of it and the person gets free GB rank from your teams hard work! DO NOT let them get away with this! They are liers and are no good!

The last bit of advice I have for you is if neither of you can prove the other is lying move for a game dismiss so you do not get a loss you don’t deserve fight it until there is nothing left to fight with I mean don’t give up, but don;t get a loss for over fighting haha! I hope this guide will help you in your GB (gamebattles) future!


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