Is The Risk Worth The Time?

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There are thousands of cliches and quotes about time.  It’s fleeting and it’s precious; it’s for all seasons and it passes.  However, how much does anyone really value time?

Today on the way home from picking up a prescription and some Taco Bell cuisine, a woman pushing her baby in a baby stroller suddenly burst out onto the four lane, 40mph road and proceeded to run to the other side.  While I was the only vehicle going in my direction, there were three full speed vehicles coming from the opposite.

Time.  What if that woman had fallen?  What if that stroller had been shoved away, sliding towards those ongoing vehicles?  Was it really worth it to cross the street at that point?  Did the time she saved matter that much?

Perhaps it’s because I’m older now, but I think twice these days before daring time to defeat me.  Case in point: a nearby bowling alley.  While this area is still considered one the safest, the word is that gang members fleeing the gang infested areas for some reason are trying to hideout near this bowling alley.

Time.  Going down the alleyway saves me time in my travels, but a man was killed in that alleyway this year.  Now I think twice.  It’s not paranoia, but I check that alleyway and if I see anything questionable, I go the long way.

Time is indeed precious.  We should revere it and not dare it to slam us in the face.  I think about that woman and wonder how many years of her life would be spent regretting that run, and it was a fast, hard run, across the road should her baby have been hurt, or worse, because she didn’t have the time to use a crosswalk or wait until there were no cars coming before jaywalking.

If nothing else, time requires respect.


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