Knowing When Your Relationship With Your Spouse is Dead

Relationships do not always end suddenly. Sometimes they slip away slowly. There are ways to tell your relationship is over.

If you and your spouse share a home but exist in two different worlds, that is a sure sign. While it is natural for couples to have interests of their own, there needs to be some “together” time. If you do not make an effort to nurture your love and the connection between you, you eventually grow apart.

Disinterest in romance or sex. They say that desire is the first to go. If your mate was affectionate and passionate before, then suddenly changed, this might be an indication that the end is near. Couples need intimacy and a physical closeness in order to deepen and strengthen their relationship.

Lack of communication. It can not be stressed enough that communication is the key to any relationship. When you and your spouse stop talking, sharing feelings, expressing love – that is a good indicator that things are going south quickly. When we do not voice our feelings our mates are left guessing what we really feel.

The respect is gone. Has your spouse stopped showing any respect or consideration for you? If he or she seems a bit more curt, short tempered or condescending, you might question how they feel about you. When your partner can not seem to treat you with common courtesy, the relationship is likely over.

Lack of love. Love isn’t something that we say, it’s something that we show. Through our actions we express the love we feel. When the love is no longer there it is quite obvious. Many people try not to see it’s absence, hoping it’s not true.You can not hide it from yourself though. You will see, and you will know it is gone.

Any or all of these are signs a relationship may be over. It is painful to accept the end of something that we had hoped would last forever. It is best if you begin accepting it, allow yourself time to mourn the loss, and then move on with your life. When a relationship is dead, there is seldom a chance to revive it

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