10 Things Women Wish Men Knew

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1. The tone of voice is louder than the words used. If a man sounds bored or disinterested when he asks about our day, we pick up on that, and it’s hurtful. If we are having a discussion and his voice becomes angry, we will naturally become defensive. Women are generally more in-tune to the tone of voice and will act, or react to that.

2. Sometimes we just need to be held. There doesn’t have to be anything wrong. Or maybe there is something wrong, but we do not want to talk about it. Sometimes, we just need to be held. Non sexual intimacy means a lot more to women than men might realize, and is key to strengthening the bond between couples.

3. The power of an apology. Men seem to have a more difficult time giving a sincere apology than women do. It could have something to do with men’s macho image and the aversion they feel toward admitting they were wrong. Women like to be validated. If you did something wrong, admit it and apologize.

4. Foreplay is not a 3 minute thing. Most of us have experienced a truly horrible day with our mate. Things going wrong, arguing over minor issues, and being made to feel as if we can do nothing right. Then we get into bed, and he shifts gears, wanting sexual intimacy. This is almost always a bad idea. Women will probably not be in the mood, after you have spent the day upsetting her.

5. Respect. In relationships, it is far too easy to take someone for-granted. We can become too comfortable with our mate, and treat them in a disrespectful manner. When you are more kind to co workers than your spouse, it is time to rethink your priorities.

6. Listening. Men are, by nature, problem solvers and more aggressive than women. When a woman asks to talk with you, this does not always mean that she wants you to fix a problem. Sometimes, she simply needs to vent about whatever may be bothering her. Listening is very important, in your relationship.

7. You really need to put the toilet seat down! All jokes aside, the little things you do that get on a woman’s nerves add up rather quickly, and can result in a fight.

8. Insults are forever. It does not matter if you said something insulting to her in the heat of a fight, or if you unintentionally insulted her without being aware of it. The words are out there, and while she might forgive you, she will not forget it.

9. We notice when you help out. When a man seldom pitches in with housework, then finally does something without being asked, not only do we notice, we appreciate it so much. It is the little things you do that adds to the big picture, showing us that you love us.

10. Affection is necessary. Kissing, holding, cuddling, all of these things are to key to a deeper, more loving relationship.

Men are not the only ones who need to be aware of these issues, there are women who are guilty of the same.


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