Why We Love Mtv's Jersey Shore

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Grenades. GTL. Snooki pouf. All of these things had different meanings, or no meanings at all, before the premiere of MTV’s hit show “Jersey Shore.” These words have now become part of our everyday vocabulary. Why is that? Because we’ve become addicted to this reality show. Below are the reasons I believe we are addicted to Jersey Shore.

The fascination with New Jersey. From Jersey Shore to Jersey Couture to The Real Housewives of New Jersey and beyond, New Jersey makes a great setting for reality TV. The state of New Jersey has a pretty bad reputation to those outside of the area, especially since most people only know about the smelly part of the New Jersey turnpike and New Jersey accents. However, this state has a lot more to offer, as well as close proximity to New York City. Featuring super wealthy areas and loads of McMansions, New Jersey is definitely more than just a small state with a smelly turnpike.

The controversy. Even before Jersey Shore hit the airwaves, people were talking about it. Italian-American groups protested the portrayal of their culture, calling it offensive and stating that it portrays unfair stereotypes. This controversy only boosted the show’s fame, and helped to attract the millions of viewers who tuned in to watch the first – and subsequent – seasons of Jersey Shore.

The names. We laughed as we first heard the names “The Situation,” “J-Woww” and “Snooki.” Now, these names are part of our everyday vocabulary. Two years ago, if anyone said, “Hey, did you see J-Woww this week,” we would have said, “What?” Now, anyone can say J-Woww and others will instantly recognize the reference.

The drama. Whether or not you want Sammi and Ronnie to be together, you can’t help wondering how it will all work out. And, you can’t help but get mad as you think about how Emilio treated Snooki – she certainly didn’t deserve that! You also loved watching Angelina come back to the house in season two and not fit in – then not fit in – then fit in again. It’s dramatic, but it’s not your life, so it’s fun to watch.

The vocabulary. TV Guide brought us a Jersey Shore dictionary, which details some of the words that have entered our vocabulary since the show hit the air. From smush to creep to juiced, we love learning new words that are part of the Jersey Shore cast’s everyday vocabulary.

The trouble. When Snooki got arrested, the world learned about it almost immediately. When Ronnie was arrested for having unpaid parking tickets, the world heard about it. It’s these otherwise mundane things that become so fascinating when they happen to the stars of MTV’s Jersey Shore. We just can’t get enough. Whether we support the cast or not, we love to know about the troubles they face.

The hope we have for them. When Snooki was punched in the face during season one of Jersey Shore, we wanted justice. It was so wrong! When Sammi and Ronnie fight, we just want it to be okay. When we get a glimpse of Vinnie, we want to see more and see him succeed. We want to see what’s best for them! After all of the drama, we want the cast members to have fun and share their triumphs with us, the viewers. Even if we love to hate the show, we love the cast, or we wouldn’t spend our time watching Jersey Shore.


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