Ideas For Topics in Writing Web Articles

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Sometimes, writing web articles can be difficult especially when we ran out of topic ideas. There are also times that the usual kinds of topics we used to write doesn’t ‘click’ anymore. If you ever ran out of ideas…

Below are some topic ideas that could help you.

Write Trivia Articles

Trivia articles usually runs throughout time, so the trend is always stable and your articles won’t ran out of views. Some examples of trivia articles are:

• Facts about the Nine Planets of the Solar System

• The Story Behind Blue Jeans

Write How To Articles

How To articles are really emphasized by most article publishing site, so if you are still not on How To articles – better try writing some. How To articles are popularly searched among search engines. These kinds of articles are also stable when it comes to gaining pageviews. Some examples of How To articles are:

• How To Remove a Trojan Virus

• How To Make a Homemade Pancake

Write Review Articles

Review articles covers a wide range of sub-topics. You can write a review of almost anything, from new models of mobile phones to a brand of home-care products. In review articles, you have a high chance of getting pageviews from almost any users across the web. Some examples of How To articles are:

• Reviews about some TV Shows

• Reviews about some Technology Gadgets

Gaming Tips & Tricks

It’s undeniable, many internet users today plays online games. Whether its an RPG-based game or an APP-based game such as farmville or restaurant city. Most of these users are looking for ways to improve their gameplay. So if you are a guru in a certain game, try writing about it. Some examples of Gaming Tips & Tricks:

• Tips & Tricks in Boosting Restaurant City Earnings

• Cheat Codes in Warcraft

You can also make a search on google and observe some trending topics to gain some ideas for your next articles. Always remember, there are still a lot of topic ideas waiting to be discovered. All you need is to explore them.


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