Cut The Cable And Save

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With high cable bills these days some people are paying 80 to 100 dollars  each time they pay there bill.  Most people have more than one in there house and pay for channels than they need do you need all those sport and movie channels if not cut them off that will help with your bill if you won’t to do more then go down to the basic channels and that will make a big dent in the bill . If you go all the way and cut the cable off there other ways to witch tv you can go online there are website that you can download on your computer a watch tv and there are ways you get those on you tv you will have to have wireless to do this. One of those site is TVU you can get 300 channels you can get movies, cartoons tv shows and more and the best thing is it’s FREE to download I have it and I love it but you can’t get your local channels on it so if you go this way then I would get a antenna to get my local channels I would get a antenna that has a long range so your channels will come in good if you won’t to check this site out go to

TVU NETWORKS And if you could you can make your own antenna just go to youtube and just look it up 

I made a homemade antenna for all most free .

Here are some more ways to watch tv online  go to to watch all kinds of old movies.


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