How to Make Each Homeschool Sibling a Star

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Many families that choose the homeschooling route have more than one child. The problem can arise that siblings don’t have equal time during homeschooling. Or perhaps one child excels faster than the siblings and is in the spot light all the time. It is important to acknowledge the success of each child and enable each of your children to feel like a star and not in competition with siblings when it comes to homeschooling.

Set Aside Individual Instructed Learning Time for Siblings

One important concept to follow for homeschooling siblings is to set aside instructed learning time that is individual. You get a chance to check progress, set up new goals and help each child succeed at their own pace. Individual time for instructed learning for each of the children enables each child to be in the spot light on a daily basis.

There are some units that you can combine for different ages when homeschooling. Some of the field trips that you choose can be use for all the children but with different learning goals and assignments. However, if you take the time for individual instruction and learning time for siblings, it will greatly reduce the chances of jealousy and one child becoming the star pupil while the others are in the background.

Have Positive Progress Charts for Each Child

Another way to have equal time for siblings that are in homeschooling is to have positive progress charts for each child. The siblings will not feel that one child is getting all the attention and they’re in the background. The positive progress charts puts each child as a star when it comes to sibling homeschooling.

Give Rewards to Each Child during Sibling Homeschooling

At the end of each week, give out certificates of accomplishment. This acknowledges the hard work that each child has done during the week. Make a little ceremony out of it that enables each of the siblings to be the star for a few moments as they receive their certificates. Make certain each child gets equal number of certificates, even if they are more toward appropriate behavior instead of academics some weeks.

For younger children, have them draw prizes out of a prize box at the end of the week for working hard during homeschooling. Each child should draw the same number of prizes and do it individually. This will make the siblings all on the same and equal level and reduce competition while homeschooling.

Separate Homeschooling Time from Family Time

Often, the homeschooling can end up blending into regular family time. This creates jealousy and competition for attention and to be the star of the family. Make a point to separate homeschooling time from regular family time to reduce sibling rivalry and to make each child the focus of attention.

Have siblings take turns selecting family time activities. Engage in family activities that don’t require any competition at all such as watching a good show, setting the table together, folding laundry as a group or going to the park just for fun. While children do learn all the time, specific family activities that are separate from homeschooling helps the children separate academics from family life.


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