RV Extended Warranty

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When you purchase a new or used RV you will be given the option of purchasing an extended warranty.  I know it’s an exciting moment and the person on the other side of the desk is nice, friendly and helpful.  When you are presented this option please stop what you are doing and read the information.  A big part of the time extended warranty coverage is not relayed to the purchaser as the program is intended.  This is not meant to take a jab at the person presenting this to the customer, but they are generally paid a commission if you purchase the plan and say whatever it takes to get you to sign that contract.

If you are purchasing a new RV the extended warranty does not take effect until your existing manufacturers warranties run out.  You can wait to purchase this until near the end of your manufacturers warranty.  Not many finance personnel will tell you this.  If you decide to go this route make sure you enter into an extended warranty contract at least 3 months before your manufacturers warranty runs out.  This gives you 2 full months in the contract before your warranty runs out, therefore should something happen soon after your warranty runs out you will be covered.

Whether purchasing a new or used RV you should look at the plans presented to you.  Go over your choices and pick the plan that will cover the most for your dollar.  Be aware of the deductible amount, the dollar limits they will pay towards a visit etc.  There is nothing worse than going in for service to find out your extended warranty doesn’t cover that component you are having a problem with or your bill will be $825 after the deductible and find out they will only pay up to $400 for a repair.

If you don’t understand something ask.  If they can’t answer your question ask them to call the extended warranty company and have them explain it to you.  Read all the information you get from them after you sign.  You must follow their instructions to a “T”  if you want to be covered.  If you don’t notify them before service is performed they will not reimburse you.

No matter what you are told by the personnel at the RV dealership extended warranties do not cover everything bumper to bumper.  Extended warranties will not pay for sealing your roof, windows, shower, sinks etc, they will not pay for adjustments, they will not pay for damage done as a result of abuse, storm, mother nature.  If it is not written in your plan they will not cover it.  That is why it is best for you to read your contract and be well informed of what is covered and what is not.

Please feel free to share any of your experiences about extended warranty.  If you have any advice for others that can help them to avoid any heartaches please share.


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