Wow Schools – What You Need To Know

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For those who don’t know, WoW Schools is an educational institution that offers courses on everything related to World of Warcraft. WoW Schools started out in 2004 as a private training facility for professional gamers and just recently they have expanded online and are now available to the public.

This means that anyone who is serious about dominating in Warcraft and reaching gold cap has access to all the required knowledge needed. However, there are tons of WoW gold making manuals out there so why would this one be so important? Well, WoW Schools isn’t a manual, it’s a full course that offers the foundation to dominating in World of Warcraft, no matter your skill level. I say this because the course is structured in 7 lessons designed to get you from zero gold, to WoW gold cap. So this means there is no experience required to start this course. Here are the lessons below:

Lesson #1 – Introduction, Getting Started
Lesson #2 – How To Use Add-Ons
Lesson #3 – Setting Up Your Auction Character
Lesson #4 – Going From Zero to 100 Gold
Lesson #5 – From 100 to 1 000 Gold
Lesson #6 – Getting to 20 000 Gold
Lesson #7 – Reaching Gold Cap

But why would someone need a course? Well, we all know making large amounts of gold in Warcraft isn’t easy. If it was, gold would no longer be of value because everyone would have such large amounts right? There will always be the elite few who have epic Warcraft riches. These people are generally the ones who have time to play 8 hours a day continuously. Most people just don’t have that time but still want to reach that level! Thats where WoW Schools comes in.


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