X- Factor Finalists Revealed

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A source on the X Factor Production staff has let slip the live finalists on twitter. The blunder was to be shown in Sunday tabloids, but a high court injunction prevents publication.

The staff member has been dismissed from the show.

The list is as follows.

A fat bird with a decent voice.

Suspect incestuous brother and sister act.

Token black girl

Token straight bloke- one for the ladies.

JLS wannabes

Another Jedward

Quite a few gay blokes

Good awful singer

And a few stragglers to be voted off in first few weeks.

Obviously I accept that this list does not reveal exactly whom will be in the finals. Study the list closer and you will see it is the same list they use year after year.

If you are disappointed be lack of any genuine facts, well you need to get a life…. There are people starving in the world, not that you care. You will watch it religiously till Christmas, culminating in the winning song ending up as you sad, loser ring tone. A ring tone that will amuse your equally pathetic friends.

Back to the starving people of the world, after reading this will you think of them, when you are stuffing your fat disgusting mouth with junk food?


Watch the news now and again and stop being so ignorant


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