Michael Jackson's New Album To Be Released During Late 2010

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Reportedly both Sony and Universal Music are the front runners in the bidding for Michael Jackson’s unreleased materials , most of which the singer himself wrote and composed after the release of his last album Invincible in 2001. Jackson reportedly wanted a new album with most songs written and composed by himself , as he was quoted telling the same during a Music Award event.

” If Sony gets the rights, then fans will have a tough time .it is so because Sony will repackage old songs with one or two new songs ,but if some other company like Universal or Warner gets the rights to release – Jackson’s new music ,then Michael Jackson fans will be the biggest gainer, because the new label means the fans will get only new songs as the rights of the old songs catalogue of Michael are still with Epic / Sony Music. But still , Sony has an upper hand in the bidding due to the strong bond between the company and Jackson’s executors John Branca and John Mc Clain.” Says an Insider of the music industry.

” Whichever label releases the album , it doesn’t really matter , because Michael Jackson doesn’t really need a label , its his name that sells like hot cakes.. ” Says Tim ,a Michael Jackson fan.

The bidding wars are likely to continue till late December this year . But Michael Jackson fans have another reason to celebrate the release of DVD of the movie “Michael Jackson’s This Is It “. The DVD of the film is all set to release on February 2010.

But the bigger surprise for the fans will be on later part of 2010 ,when one label or the other will release Michael Jackson’s unreleased songs ,which were in the making from 2001.

The insiders predict that the new album is most likely to be released on Jackson’s 52nd Birthday ,that’s on 29th August 2010.

If things go as planned by the executors of the Jackson’s estate then the fans will have a reason to celebrate on the late King Of Pop’s 52nd Birthday. If for any reason there is delay , due to ongoing legal proceedings ,then the album would be released during Christmas 2010.

Until the new album releases ,lets all keep our fingers crossed.


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