He's Barrack At It Again: The Obama Bullet Ban

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If the Obama administration succeeds in the next month, they will have officially outlawed more than half the available ammunition available to the average person. In one swoop, it will disarm more than half of society at this moment, whom most likely aren’t even armed at the moment. Though as polls show, more citizens then ever, are considering arms ownership. Not just for the fear of needing that sort of protection, but also because of the patriotic revival in all of our hearts.

“Arms are the teeth of liberty”  ~Ben Franklin

“An armed society is a peaceful society. ” ~Robert A. Heinlein

So, if the people have spoken and declared that they do not want guns outlawed and they do not want background checks and high prices on ammo, how is it that the Obama Administration is going to get away with their evil plot?

It’s quiet simple really. It’s so deceitful and yet so uncomplicated that it’s amazing to think it might have come from one of the minds in our government. There plan is to ban all ammunition made with Lead through using the EPA act on Toxic substances. With one simple rule change, they can clean house of all their woes through disarming the people, simply by removing their ability to get ammunition. Even with the genius of the plan, it’s still incredably stupid to think that they could get away with it without alerting millions of citizens of their plot.

First the draft? Now a bullet ban? One has to sit back and wonder, does Obama even know what they are doing with his name? The people know that he’s just a patsy, but does he know it yet? That all these rotten decietful attempts to take over the freedom of the people, are being credited to only one name, Barrack Obama.

Take action now, as I am, to ensure that this Barrack Bullet Ban is ceased as soon as possible. With a possible draft looming over head, three new wars brewing overseas and the economy falling flat on it’s face, we DO NOT need this!

You can help put this dreadful draconian bill to bed, by going to this site http://nagr.org/epa1.aspx?pid=1

You can also do more by blogging, writing articles, creating youtube videos, writing music, telling your friends and family, putting up fliers and getting the word out ASAP. Don’t wait to lose more of your freedom, protect what you have and do it swiftly. With enough peaceful power from the people, we can put an end to this just as quickly as we put an end to the gun bans.


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