Rest in Dreams

Holiday happiness: Dream and Reality Soon summer, time for vacations and long-awaited tour. If you decide to relax in solitude in some picturesque corner, it must be remembered that there is always a hunter, a man that await women alone. And it may happen that in themselves did not notice, you will become the main character a stormy love affair.

At the resort’s novel has its own characteristics. As a rule, it is based on a sense of celebration, which causes relaxation. People want to create around itself an aura of a match situation. That is why many men are beginning to behave like true gentlemen, often forgetting that their houses are waiting for his wife and a bunch of kids.

They are beautifully cared for the woman, kissing hands, showered with compliments. They no longer behave in this way with my better half, just on holiday, mind you – rest in solitude, a man appears in all its glory, and women are susceptible spell gallant lover. People try to be better than they have in everyday life, as they see themselves in their dreams.

An important role played by the factor of anonymity. On vacation meet people from different cities, and often even countries. Man, being away from home, feels more relaxed, because he meets with people in the first and probably last time. There is a reason to reject complexes, will surrender to the feelings and sometimes animal instincts. Nature, evening walks, music, enjoy a romantic relationship.

I must say that men never experience the “love affair” seriously. For men it is an opportunity to feel like a hero-lover, an adventure which one can not survive. Men already in the process of the novel, looking forward, as will describe it to friends and colleagues.

Thanks to the resort’s novel, women once again begin to feel loved and welcome. But almost all of them understand that such relationships are short-lived and does not oblige. But each of us lives the faith in the continuing tale. And what was this beautiful fairy tale, the harder the return to reality. So many women are able to leave her family and go to the ends of the earth with those who gave her a little happiness. Very often, such attempts only bring disappointment and pain. Therefore, never try to continue the love affair. Who knows who will be your prince in real life?

Of course, known to history, when the love affair of degenerating into a strong family, people really find each other, but this does not happen as often as desired.

Going to a spa alone or with company, it is important to understand that this atmosphere is partly artificial, since the creation of such a situation runs a whole specialized industry.

If you already have a spouse – do not pay to go on a trip separately. After all, a fantastic atmosphere, which can bring together even strangers, will give two friends more. And to feel once again wished favorite person is ten times better than to be loved by those who will be only a mirage of a perfect man.

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