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To love or be loved? .. Even some of the great said: “In any attachment, there are two parties: one loves, the other can love myself, and one kissed the other cheek”. What is better? When he is ready to lay down the whole world at your feet, and you have no idea what to do? Or when you secretly sigh for him, and he knows nothing of your existence, or, worse, completely indifferent to you?

To love or be loved? This question at least once in life is given every woman. The answer to this question usually depends on in what situation you’re in the moment: Charter bedew pillow, you can start dreaming about how you yourself would have spoiled the life of hapless lover. Conversely, when you are bored obsessive attentions of the unwanted partner, tears of Onegin Tatyana seems almost the best way of spending time: at least, do not hide and turn off your phone!

What can give a woman, each of these situations? Let’s start with that first love of man, according to statistics, is often unrequited. Some psychologists call it “love of self, devotion to the fictitious character, which we do endow the desired traits.

Hence, so frequent in adolescence in love with actors, musicians, and even literary characters. This love will never bring the desired satisfaction, but often the impetus for further development. Everything that is done in the name of the sole, then brings us a great favor.

It is more difficult when the bright image is your friend, colleague, or, God forbid, chief. You are close, so wonderful, but he dares to flirt with other girls or even married! But in this case, unrequited love is a good school of life. Also, you can always believe that his constant passion suddenly dissolves into a blue mist, and then he finally notices you and understand what he was waiting for you all my life! Sometimes this does happen …

So, if you love, that’s fine. Suppose you do not succeed in reciprocity, but you have a great opportunity to walk a while in a starry-eyed, dreaming in the moonlight, enjoy the sweet sinking of the heart, catching the sight of his idol. Love – this is a wonderful state, and you can enjoy it from the soul, as well (article published on to update a wardrobe and a new hairdo. Do you have a good reason for this!

Quite a different story when you yourself have been the object languishing look and sighs. And, when it is limited only sighs, this is nothing, but if you were watching at the door each day inviting “somewhere to go, showered with flowers without any reason, causing laughter of colleagues, it can try the patience. It all depends on exactly who fell victim to your beautiful eyes. If the senior assistant junior keeper awaits you, squeezing in a sweaty fist, three sickly pinks probably is time to explain to him that he was certainly a wonderful person, but … your husband – boxing champion, and he just will soon be walking a Rottweiler.

If in love with you was excellent in all respects a man to whom you have some reason do not like writing, think before you give him the gate turn. There are cases when a woman gets married, not testing to his handpicked successor nothing but respect, and then, after five years, suddenly fell in love with him, so much so that the sparks from his eyes fell. Again, marriages based on the calculation, is considered more robust … So, if on the horizon looms a handsome prince, ready to put you on a white horse, and to take a honeymoon trip to the Bahamas, if you look good to someone who has fallen victim to your charms. Perhaps he has weight advantages, which can easily discern, honoring him at least look.

So, and love and be loved well. But if being loved is not always good, but sometimes it’s even annoying, to love – well no matter what. The more that women are so fond dream – and here we have a great opportunity to indulge in this occupation! But best of all, of course, mutual love, which we heartily wish you and.


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