Article on Pregnancy And Childbirth

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False bout you on the ninth month of pregnancy. Your stomach grew to epic proportions, you always have discomfort, you already can not wait for the birth of your baby … And finally the long-awaited bout! Surely the time has come, whom you have waited nine months? Surely went into labor? Or just the body once again decided to play a trick on you, to entice a false hope, then again to torment insomnia and nervous exhaustion?

What is a “false labor” and how to distinguish from real labor, contractions if taken lightly? False labor can take many forms. Many women in the past few months of pregnancy feel Braxton-Hicks contractions (also known as false contractions), and therefore so accustomed to these sensations that sometimes birth caught them by surprise. As the labor pains Braxton Hicks frequent and become more intense, more complicated task – to distinguish the false from the real fight.

However, there are few true signs that help distinguish true from false contractions. If the contractions are rare, their frequency and intensity did not increase, so too early for you to worry – most likely, they are false. If, however, encounters a pattern, they appear with regularity several times an hour and lasts an average of 30-60 seconds, you can start preparing for the appearance of a baby – will soon begin to birth.

In addition, you can try to stop the false contractions. Take a stroll in the fresh air, drink a glass of water, take a warm bath or shower or just a few minutes to lie down on the left side – these actions are normally help to reduce the intensity and frequency of contractions. If you encounter false, they will cease.

If the term of your pregnancy has not yet reached 37 weeks, but you feel the fight, all signs are similar to the present, immediately contact your doctor or midwife and ask their opinion. If the time has passed for 37 weeks, pregnancy is considered to be entertained, you just relax and wait for delivery – of course, if it does not contradict the instructions of your doctor.

Most pregnant women often experience false contractions before they feel real. Initially false contractions cause expectant mothers anxiety and irritation, as they have now and then go to the hospital to a couple of hours, when the bout ended, to return home. Experienced women who had delivered their babies earlier, less amenable to the “provocation” of the organism, but the false contractions cause them no less irritation. The main thing to remember the expectant mother – false contractions someday these will be replaced, and the light will be your child, even if today you feel that this day would never come.


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