Parting From Love

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Parting from love? Sometimes love is like a meal. What to do if feeling erupted despite the circumstances? If someone you loved, can not abandon the commitments given earlier? If life goals dictate one of the Valentine’s completely incompatible with the personal life plans?

Let’s talk about how difficult it can sometimes give up on love. That’s love! After all, love – is, above all, a sense of responsibility for the happiness of another person. True love is ready to make sacrifices for the sake of happiness of the beloved. Even if it is not linked to your personal happiness.

A friend of mine, a great sportsman, a future world champion, was forced to leave his girlfriend and go on a contract abroad. What did it cost them both this decision – it is difficult to convey in words! But his whole life from early childhood was subordinated to a single goal – his career. And dash the hopes of parents and spit on the work of his coaches and teachers for him was simply unacceptable. Let condemnation and accusations of cowardice – that it would be with him and his girlfriend, give it the career of an athlete? His personal frustration and a sense of guilt for the disappointed expectations are unlikely to allow him to remain a full-fledged person, and very soon recriminations and accusations would put an end to their love.

This decision does not mean that love is meant for people less career. Rather, he appreciates the sentiments in their original form and is ready to abandon the relationship for the sake do not see how they are destroyed by time and circumstances. Beloved athlete herself insisted that he had gone, and it is also one of the evidences of the sincerity of her feelings prevail over personal selfishness.

And if we consider the fairly frequent situation when love overtakes those who are already linked by ties of marriage? How can we build our happiness on the mountain’s own children without a parent? And what can we say, in love with the woman simply is not physically able to devote adequate time and attention to their own fumes, because all her being drawn to the man she loved.

In this case, I urge you to condemn anyone or to make a decision in a difficult situation. I just want to say that sometimes it is necessary to leave the love! And it is sincere and pure love for people to dictate such a decision. Who knows how things will come next? After all, a happy tale happens in life, and that same friend of mine athlete achieve success and recognition, has made a dizzying career, and ten years later he married the one he loved all his life. She had already had two children, but the relationship with the spouse did not exist, and she was left alone. Now they live together, and more happy and harmonious couples I have met. I asked this woman – she would like to return back time and do something differently? But she answered me that even now, knowing what difficulties she has to, she still would do the same just because loves her man.

Not always a feeling of love entails some sacrifices, there are many situations where you can get by without them. The only thing that love does not tolerate – a manifestation of selfishness. If you wish to be near her beloved drowns reasonable voice of the subconscious and cripples the fate of a loved one or those who are dear to him, this feeling is not entitled to be called love. We all become a little sad when we imagine what we could sacrifice for the sake of their loved ones and could we part with them for love. But we come into this world precisely in order to become better and learn to understand the value of these feelings.

Let fate never creates a situation where we find ourselves faced with a choice – give up on love, or make a deal with his own conscience!


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