Children's Loneliness

One home in each of us alone, and together we are alone. Loneliness two beautiful dream. Opinions about loneliness variety. And very lonely, too different. There is a saying “one, as the finger. For various reasons, and life turmoil, the characteristics of nature and other people are loners. And one, as is known, is safety.

The newest resident of a small village or big city, freshly officer of the company – these “beginner” single soon merge with the team or be thrown out. In the end, this skin try on any ensnared in an established team, anyone who seeks to win back his place in the sun a bit away from home in Palestine.

This conqueror of living space – a stranger, and strangers are always alone. Devastating feeling of hostility coming from a new place, a sense of his ignorance to what is happening – for beginners and newcomers are familiar such feelings. However, the fact that we do not destroy us makes us stronger, and the former provincial and unemployed, tempered steel, easily conquering the quarry and other tops. Or, unable to withstand stress, come back.

Loneliness can invade at any inhabitant or “old man” team in the middle of rapid stream of people. People rush about their business, the world is spinning at a breakneck pace, and nobody cares distraught man – a grain of sand in a sea of people. This happens when suddenly you realize your insignificance separately taken in this crazy mess. And experiencing similar emotions with approximately the same frequency as presidents of corporations, and the most modest servants or even unemployed.

What? Buck up and call her beloved, mother, friend, drink a cup of coffee in a cozy cafe. Or just go ahead. “And it will pass” – was written on the ring of King Solomon. The most frightening thing, when alone and strangers recognize each other’s lived a long time in one nest couples. “God, who is this man, and what he did to my husband?” – If you have never arisen that question, then you are not yet married.

Family crises – something inevitable, inevitable, but in some ways even useful. Respite from the usual roles, the release of negative emotions and … struggle with themselves for marital happiness. In the midst of sorting out relationships quarreling dashed icy shower alone, when it seems that everything is hopeless to try to build a relationship no longer useful, hands descend, the world shrinks to the size of the self, with no place to another “I”, though such a favorite until recently. And it passes. However, with different consequences, and divorce, alas, is not excluded.

Sometimes you feel lonely in the warm company of old trusted friends. All people change, but change in different directions and at different rates. One married, the other excelled in his career, began to ruin oneself by drink the third, fourth moved. So break up the company. And although the former druzhbany still seeking for some time to maintain the visibility of the recent close ties, the process is irreversible.

Although loneliness – something quite unpleasant, sometimes simply the vital need for a time to be alone with him. And often it is that we nd as missing. In vain dream of solitude populous inhabitants of small apartments – and such a majority in the country. Why should they (and all of us) need this?

From time to time everyone tries to hide in his cozy shell, dig deeper in their thoughts and mental anguish, for a short period of stay is not a party going on around him, and a bystander. Relax, relax, assess the situation, to heal the emotional wounds, just prihoroshitsya – loneliness is beautiful when it wishes, when you choose it, rather than it bore down on your shoulders. The main thing – not to stay in their burrow for far too long, life together with you to stop no. She’s gone to, do not come back soon – this option is not for the modern woman.

However, the talented and eccentric people, the more he needs solitude. And this sometimes affected their family and friends who need just a husband, father, brother, and not a genius, but showing masterpieces and existing in its own reality, far from the surrounding reality.

There are also people who are loners by nature. Typically, this is a perfectionist andperfektsionistki who used to live with only its own resources, responsible for everything that happens in their lives just before
themselves. Usually this strong, vibrant personality that are difficult to make a strong character prevents sexual relations (for the idealists, this means falling into dependence on another person or their feelings, and agree to this they are not ready).

Most suffer from loneliness, the elderly, fated to find themselves on the sidelines of life. Having lost youth, deprived of friends, wasted power, they wearily attain the age. Sometimes it is depressing loneliness brightens up stragglers cats and dogs yard. And their loneliness almost irreparably – in the eyes of others, they are worthless half-crazed old, unwanted friends and interlocutors. The Company does not provide rehabilitation programs for such groups, and older people in their great need.

Lonely and abandoned by their parents in state institutions kiddies. And even very tiny babies clearly feel his loneliness and bleak future.

Solitude – a fact, an inevitable fact of life. And the best you can get from him all the best and … let it go.

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