Honey Flavor’s Candles

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Honey flavor’s candle is made from a hive. These candles have been produced in Riau Province, Indonesia. Riau is a province in Indonesia that are known for having large honey production.

The benefits using the honey flavor’s candle is a fragrance that is issued. Unlike regular candles that do not have any flavor. In addition, the wax also can more durable, able to drive out insects, and more natural. That said, the smell of honey flavor’s candle is good for asthma sufferers.

Beneficiary hive tobe make a wax has not done a lot. Because, many people do not know if the hive has a wax content.

In the process of manufacture, the honeycomb is cooked until it become liquid. When melted, water and oil contained in the honeycomb will be separated by itself.

Then, the oil is filtered and cleaned of dirt. After that, the oil re-cooked. The process of filtering and cooking repeated until the maximum of three times.

When the cooking process, oil dye is mixed with oil to produce wax color. The last step is to form the oil into the candle.

The process of making candles have three ways. The first method uses a system of dye which is usually done to stick’s candle. The next way is to use a mold which is made from silicone rubber. Meanwhile, the last way by string up with hand.

Riau ability to produce honey because there are many beehive trees on that area. Beehive tree is a term by lokal people to describe the big tree which life from many years ago that inhibited many hive.

Beehive tree consists of various types such as Rengas, Kayu Aro, and Kempas. In one tree, there can be hang around 100-200 hive. From one tree, it can make 200-400 kilogram honey.

Local customary rules prohibiting the public to cut down the beehive trees. Thus, the hive that hangs on the tree can be safe.


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