The Ultimate Fighter 12 Cast Announced

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The Ultimate Fighter 12 Cast announced for the September 15th debut. The thirty fighters will all be lightweights for the Ultimate Fighter 12. The lightweights will fight in the Ultimate Fighter tournament to earn a six figure income as a fighter in the UFC. The Ultimate Fighter 12 finale will be live in Las Vegas on December 4th. Viewers can watch the finale free on Spike television. The two coaches for the Ultimate Fighter 12 will be Josh Koscheck and George St-Pierre. They will fight each other on pay per view on December 11th in UFC 124 for St-Pierre’s UFC Welterweight championship. The twenty-eight fighters below are the fighters who will compete in the Ultimate Fighter 12.

1. Jason Ambrose-Record 12-2-age-24

2. Paul Barrow-Record 2-0-age-24

3. Jason Brenton-Record 6-0-age-24

4. Jonathan Brookins-Record 11-2-age-24

5. Mike Budnik-Record 8-4-age-35

6. Alex Caceres-Record 4-2-age-21

7. Sako Chivitchian-Record 5-0-age-26

8. Joseph Duffy-Record 7-0-age-22

9. Pablo Garze-Record 7-0-age-26

10. Toby Grear-Record 7-4-1-age-30

11. Daniel Head-Record 6-2-age-23

12. Michael Johnson-Record 8-4-age-23

13. Amir Khillah-Record 6-4-age-30

14. Jeff Lentz-Record 6-1-age-21

15. Sevak Magakian-Record 8-3-age-24

16. Steve Magdaleno-Record 5-1-age-28

17. Andy Mann-Record 4-1-age-21

18. Cody McKenzie-Record 10-0-age-22

19. T.J. Obrien-Record 13-3-age-23

20. Spencer Paige-Record 5-2-age-24

21. Nam Phan-Record 15-7-age-27

22. Michael Richman-Record 8-0-age-24

23. Dane Sayers-Record 7-1-age-22

24. Ariel sexton-Record 6-3-age-28

25. Marc Stevens-Record 12-5-age-24

26. Kyle Watson-Record 13-6-1-age-30

27. Ran Weathers-Record 13-5-age-28

28. Aaron Wilkerson-Record 6-3-age-23

The fighters will all come in to the Ultimate Fighter 12 with the same chance at a six figure UFC fighting contract. The fighters will fight down to fourteen fighters, meaning the twenty-eight fighters will compete with each other, half will go home and the other half will enter the house. The remaining fourteen fighters will be broken down in to two teams. Josh Koscheck will be the coach of one team of seven fighters. George St-Pierre will be the coach of the other team. The two coaches will have their own assistant coaches who will help prepare their teams to fight.

Each week fighter will fight each other to move one step closer to the finale. During the weeks, we will also see the fighters interact in the house. The fighters will prepare to fight each other; they will eat and sleep in the same house with each other. Some fighter will annoy everybody in the house. This happens in every season of the Ultimate Fighter. The two fighters who remain will fight each other at the Ultimate Fighter finale in Las Vegas on December 4th in 2010.

Lightweight fighters are often exciting and give great fights. Hopefully, the Ultimate Fighter 12 will be one of the best seasons of the Ultimate Fighter. Tune in to Spike TV on September 15 at Ten P.M. Eastern to check Ultimate Fighter out for yourself.



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