Tiger Woods Is Divorced

Tiger Woods divorce to Elin Nordegren finally went through this week. We finally come to the end of this sad chapter of Tiger Woods life. Yes, Tiger Woods cheated on his wife with multiple partners. Yes, he is looked upon by many as a fallen star. The end of this story is just plain sad. Elin gets custody of their beautiful children. Elin gets seven hundred and fifty million dollars. Tiger gets all the punishment he could take (and then some) for his actions. Not only does he lose the beautiful Elin, he loses much more. Tiger does not go home to his children every night any more. Tiger has lost his golf swing. Everything of importance to Tiger Woods is gone.

Many will say Tiger made his bed and now he has to lie in it. It is true regardless of anything Tiger does from this moment on. It is time for the world to stop putting down Tiger Woods. He has made horrible mistakes and he has lost his family for those mistakes. The divorce finalizes this fact.

Hopefully, Tiger Woods can go back to the game of golf and play like the old Tiger. Maybe he can put his energy into his work and make something good out of what has become the crumbled up mess which is now his life. Hopefully, Tiger Woods can spend his time mending his relationship with his children. They should not have to pay for any of the mistakes he has made.

We know what Elin will be doing. She will be finding ways to spend seven hundred and fifty million dollars. She came out of this mess the best. She had a man who cheated on her, but who left her and her children with a fortune. She will not suffer financially because of what Tiger did to her and their family. Elin seems like a good woman who found herself in the middle of an unbelievable mess. She doesn’t act like the scorned wife. She got divorced because Tiger cheated on her numerous times. It wasn’t a one-time thing.

Tiger Woods fans will be sitting in front of their television sets hoping Tiger can get his golf swing back. They will be hoping Tiger can once again become the greatest golfer who ever played the game. They will watch the other golf pro’s play and hope the excitement of Tiger Woods is just around the corner. If this happens, everybody will find a peace of happiness out of the messed up life of Tiger Woods. Tiger Woods you screwed up, but the sporting world wishes you nothing but the best.

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