Heroes Of Baseball-Mickey "mick Mantle

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Mickey “Mick” Mantle

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Heroes Of Baseball

Mickey Mantle was a long time NY Yankee. He began his Major League Baseball career in 1951 with the NY Yankees. Mickey played through the 1968 season with the NY Yankees. Mickey Mantle played his entire care with the NY Yankees. He is one of the best known of the Yankees. Mickey was voted to the All Star game every year of his career, but his first. Mickey mantle won seven World Series Championships with the NY Yankees. He won three MVP player awards. Mickey Mantle was one of the greatest players in Major League History. He was one of the best ever players who played for the NY Yankees. He was an incredible ballplayer and he was to many, a hero of baseball.

Mickey Mantle (like most baseball players) had a bunch of nicknames. His father called him “mutt”. When he reached the Yankees, he was given other nicknames. Mickey Mantle was called “The Mick”, “The Commerce Comet” and “The Switcher”. Some of Mickey Mantle’s teammates called him “Muscle”. Mickey Mantle was a man full of nicknames, talent, and tons of power.

Mickey Mantle hit the longest homeruns in Major League Baseball history. A four hundred fifty foot homerun today is a thing of wonder. Mickey Mantle’s longest estimated homerun blast was 634 feet. Some people find problems with this number because they believe it is impossible to really judge how far a ball would travel. Regardless, this homerun blast by Mantle in 1960 really must have been a thing of wonder. The baseball Mantle hit actually hit 564 ft. away from home plate and was estimated to have travelled the 600 plus ft. The facts are argued about by mathematicians and historians, but most people agree Mickey Mantle hit some of the longest homeruns ever hit in Major League baseball.

Mickey Mantle won the Triple Crown in 1956. This was Mickey Mantle’s best year of his career. He hit .353 with 52 homeruns, and 130 RBI’s. In 1957, Mickey hit .365, but he was second to Ted Williams and didn’t hit near as many homeruns as the year before. Mickey Mantle batted .298 for his career. Some of his later seasons were horrible because of injuries to both of his knees. Mickey Mantle hit 536 career homeruns and batted in 1509 and walked over 1700 times. Mantle was a feared homerun hitter and was often walked by the opposing pitcher.

Mickey Mantle was voted into the baseball Hall of Fame on the first ballot in 1974. Many remember him of one of the greatest NY Yankees and Major League baseball players of all time. Others look up to Mickey Mantle as one of the greatest heroes of baseball the baseball world has ever seen. Mickey Mantle died in 1995. He was a heavy drinker and received a liver transplant in 1994. Mantle only lived one more year. A great hero of baseball died in 1995. Mickey Mantle was one of a kind.



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