Ways to Wish Your Friends For Occasions

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This is the modern way of conveying wishes to friends during occasions. But the main drawback here is the proximity. Most of us will be busy during that occasion and sure will not concentrate on opening emails and checking Inbox for wishes. Very few of us only sit in front of monitor during those precious occasions. Spending time with kith and kin only will give pleasure. So kindly avoid greetings through emails since it will become unnoticed.


This way of wishing others is still a worthy one since the person can physically feel the conveying message. The depth of happiness will be very high compared to e-greetings. But one small drawback is that the sender has to spend some time on selecting best greeting card and also make a formal posting activity.


Call over phone and conveying a wish is one of the best ways since it conveys not only the message but also the love and friendship through voice. Another advantage is that one can convey more messages through phone with less cost. Discussions can grow to any direction and definitely the pleasure one can enjoy during and after conversation is marvelous.


Meeting a person directly during an occasion and wishing him or her is the most suggested way. Definitely the level of satisfaction the person will get during a direct wish is excellent compared to other ways. Giving a beautiful gift is an added advantage and it will add joy at that moment.

Meeting and wishing others for occasions is the most recommended one compared to other ways. Definitely people will be very busy in regular life but still they have to allocate certain time for such kind of occasions. This will continue the relationship between each other. Relationships will become stronger too…!


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