How to Get Rid of Cockroaches The Non-Toxic And Cheap Way 2

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This is another economy tip to get rid of cockroaches without using the toxic chemical. (In case you haven’t seen my first approach, you may see it here)

We will make the cockroach baits. First, prepare the following ingredients:

    * White Flour (or Milk Powder)
    * Cement Powder
    * Confectioner’s Sugar or Brown Sugar

You can find the above ingredients from the grocery stores and the home improvement stores nearby. Once you have got all the ingredients, then mix 50/50 flour and cement powder. Sprinkle in some confectioner’s sugar (about 1/4 of the amount of flour used). After that put the mixture in a small tray and place them in corners, dark cupboards, behind heavy appliances, along floor boards and around the garbage.

Also put some water besides the mixture so that when cockroaches are thirsty, they can sip water. Once the water gets into their stomach, the cement mixture will become hardened and kill the cockroach.

By the way, you may add some bacon grease to the mixture, makes them a little more tempting and hard to resist. Replace old, hardened cement balls with fresh ones as needed.

You might need to repeat the above procedure couple times to get rid of all roaches. Within a month the roaches should be gone.



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