Essay Decides Student’s Ability

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Student life is a golden life, and if you want to pursue a good career, you have to choose one of the best colleges. As a first stage, while applying to a college, take college academics, cost, and location into account. In many occasions students choose their future college without conducting a thorough search which may end up in wrong decision. There are probably several choices before you. Do everything possible before taking a decision.
Check educational quality of a college. For this, talk or e-mail to old students or students who are already studying in that college. Take SAT scores, acceptance rates, retention rates, technology assistance, study center, tutors’ profile of that college into consideration. Consider applying early, if you think a college which is right for you.
Remember, your application is your voice. Make it effective. Admission officers take it serious while considering your candidacy. Read it carefully from beginning to end, and make sure your application is complete, accurate, and submitted on time.
In the process of admission, admission essays are really important. In most of the colleges essay
is a key component of their selection process. Along with grades, test scores, letters of recommendation, and interview, essays play important role in deciding student’s ability.
College admission essay is a good chance for a student to make a statement before the admissions committee. Use it as a stage where your personality gets to shine. Remember, admissions essay is not a resume, and it is impossible to tell everything about you in one short essay. Choose one thing and present it clearly. Most colleges will specify a word length, and also provide a topic for you to address. Some colleges allow you to choose from a list. Choose a topic that allows you to express what you value, who you are as a person, and what you can add to the campus community.
If you have a good beginning, you are likely going to have a great outcome. This applies to your essay also. Take a good start. There are many approaches that can be used. It is advisable to start the essay with a meaningful quote or definition. If you use a quote, build a story around it. Make it relevant. You can also start with a detailed description of the setting of an important experience you have had so that committee members feel they were really there.
Concentrate on content, choose an appropriate tone, use descriptive language, and give clear examples. Show your own personality. Imagine that you are talking to a close friend when writing your essay. When reviewing applications, admission officers sit in offices all day and read hundreds of essays, the majority of which are in same tone. A typical unique style of your essay may get attention of the selection committee.
Conclusions are also equally important. Give your readers something to think about and most importantly, make them hang on to your last word. Check once again for everything, including grammatical and spelling errors so that nothing detracts from the finished product.


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