How to Avoid Over-Spending at The Grocery Store

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Many grocery stores today are super centers that sell almost everything under one roof. It can be quite overwhelming to try to focus on what you wanted to buy once you get inside. Stores do little tricks to keep you distracted and often you wind up spending more money than you wanted to. Here are some tips on how to shop without over-spending.

Bring a list.

Having a list helps to keep you focused. You are less likely to forget something if you shop with a grocery list.

Check out specials before you get in the store.

While you are still home, look at your store’s website and make your list with the help of what is on sale. Many sites even show in-store specials. Being prepared can help you to avoid over-spending.

Look for the bargains.

Stores position what they want you to buy (usually a pricier item) at eye level or just above eye level. Especially in the cereal aisle, the cheaper brands are going to be lower on the shelf. Every store does this. When you are comparison shopping, look low and look very high and see where the lower priced items are.

Is a sale a true sale?

Don’t be fooled by buy one get one free items. Sometimes when you do the math, it isn’t really a sale at all. The same goes for items displayed at the end of an aisle. Sometimes it might really be a bargain but it isn’t always the case.

Don’t go shopping when hungry.

You will wind up with more impulse food than you planned on buying.

Read coupons beforehand.

Know what coupons you plan on using. Read them at home where the lighting is better and you can figure out if they are worth using. Check expiration dates also. Often recently distributed coupons are a reflection of store’s sale prices on brands. This means double savings for you.

Put coupons aside as you put them in your cart.

Use a coupon organizer and as you put an item in your cart, move that coupon to the front of the organizer. When you go to check-out, your coupons will be ready to be handed to the cashier. You can then either bag your own groceries or keep an eye on what your groceries are ringing up as. If you are sorting your coupons when you get in the check-out line, you could be missing scanning errors because you are not paying attention.

Most of all, grocery stores will try to tempt you with displays and even the way the store is set up. Going in prepared to shop will give you the advantage. Follow these tips and you will not over-spend at the grocery store.


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