Review of LG 19-Inch Flexible Epaper Prototype

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LG display has released a latest prototype ePaper device that could signal an entrance into the eReader market. Their flexible display is the largest (and perhaps most flexible and bendable) on the market, weighing in at a long 19″and paper thin. The LG 19-inch ePaper Display Prototype brings the traditional, flexible feel of real paper to the world of large-format e-reader devices.

The key difference in the LG prototype is the size and the amount of flexibility it retains. It uses a Gate in Panel (GIP) technology, which places the Gate Driver IC into the panel itself, rather than along the spine or the outside of the device. Flexible e-reader devices are not a new technology, as products like the Skiff Reader and others made their debut at CES 2010.  The 19-inch ePaper prototype by LG is of a much larger scale, increasing on the 8.5 x 11-inch standard for large e-readers with a flexible 19-inch whopper.  Right now the 19″prototype is just the e-paper by itself, without any processor, input device or storage.

There are also some other e-paper technologies apart from E-Ink like electrowetting that can produce fairly deep colors, but the displays are expensive and consume more power, Gasman said. At 250mm x 400mm, LG e-Paper is very comfortable to handle and easy to read off. It would be great to read LG e-Paper in a crowded train or subway en route to office. The LG product is also inspired from current e-Book reader boom which has seen a lot of eBook reader products getting unveiled in last week. This integration is done by Gate-in-panel technology in which gate driver IC is mounted on the panel itself. The dimensions of LG’s 19 inch screen are also pretty similar to those of actual newspapers.



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