We as Americans are More Fortunate than Most

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I realize a lot of people out there have lost their jobs, homes and vehicles. I know, because my family is one of them. We lost our 3 bedroom split-level home to foreclosure in March of 2008. We thought nothing could be worse then that.Luckily, we have family that own a mobile home on property next to their’s.

So here we are, 6 people living in a 2 bedroom mobile home. I have mentioned this before, in a separate article. Here is the link:  http://www.ehow.com/how_4763820_live-bedroom-mobile-home-kids.html If you want to see REAL hardship, you need to look outside your own situation, and see what is going on, every day, in other countries around the world.

Now I know you have heard this song and dance before and have seen those commercials asking you to “sponsor a child for the price of a cup of coffee,” but the reality is, these people live in unbelievable conditions. Now stay with me on this. Could you imagine no running water or electricity? Dirt floors and a hole in the ground as your toilet.

There are many people out there living like this, day in and day out. Do you think they complain? Some people in our very own country are out on the street. I guess it really puts it into perspective just how truly fortunate we really are. I am blessed to be able to sit here, in my 2 bedroom mobile home, and type this for you to read.


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