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1> The major reason for the rise of online writers is due to the surge in user generated content { UGC } sites like bukisa and hubpages. Though these two are quite famous among writers sites like triond , wikinut and xomba are also good option for writers . In bukisa you are paid in terms of page views so the more your page views the more is your earnings. Hubpages on the other hand shares with you the adsense revenue generated for your content so having a adsense account is a must. Wikinut is a new site which I stumbled upon luckily and was impressed by the simplicity of the site. The site is fresh with a friendly community and staff. Wikinut shares 50 % of ad revenue generated from your pages . Though you need not need to have an adsense account as your revenues will be added in your account and you will be paid by paypal once you reach 5 pounds. Besides these sites there are many which are added every month and they understand the importance of good writers and thus all these sites are placing an attractive schemes in front of the writers through which writers are the most benefited.

2>The second reason for growth in online writers is due to the importance of content in online businesses. Webmasters are constantly looking for content and this were a writers role come into play. There is a stiff competition among webmasters and everyone is trying to outdo each other by placing more and more content on their website . Thus the demands for writers are increasing like wild fire.

3> The boom in ebook industry has also led to the growth of online writing industry. If you are a good writer then you can easily charge $150 to $200 for writing a 30 page ebook. You can sell your writing services at elance, freelancer or guru.com .

4>Sell your writing in sites like constant-content and dailytips . These two sites help you to sell short articles to prospective buyers. Selling articles is a good option as you can make anywhere between $15 to $20 for a single article. So even if you write 10 articles a month you can quite well earn $150 which is quite good .

Thus every online writer must take the opputunity created by online writing jobs and earn some handful amount of money from it .

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