Vitamin c

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vitamin C is a powerful so-called antioxidant and free radical scavenger. It is necessary for many things in the human body, such as: tissue growth and repair, strong bones and teeth, healthy gums, optimal adrenal gland function, and maximum immune (defense) system health to name a few things.

Vitamin C also helps to naturally lower high cholesterol (which is caused by foreign cholesterol introduced into the body from eating animal flesh and byproducts).

Vitamin C greatly enhances the absorption of Iron (Iron Phosphate), which is why Dherbs.Com Vitamin C and Iron Phosphate formulas both work together to help eliminate anemia like no other product on the market. These two formulas also help in conditions of sickle cell anemia, a disease indicative of and endemic to African-Americans and which can be healed.

Dherbs.Com Vitamin C will help to eradicate scurvy, which is Vitamin C deficiency. When a person has wounds that fail to heal or is slow to heal, bleeding gums; is constantly fatigued, or edema (to name a few symptoms), scurvy is usually the culprit. Nothing will help to eradicate scurvy like our all-natural Vitamin C formula. Though somewhat rare in Western nations, scurvy still exists and many people are unknowingly suffering from Vitamin C deficiency.

Eating denatured foods (fast food, junk food), refined grains, sugar; drinking alcoholic beverages, foolishly smoking cigarettes, and taking pharmaceutical drugs all DEPLETE the body of Vitamin C (and other necessary nutrients). Junk food robs your body of what little nutrition your body may already have. When we consume unnatural so-called foods (junk/fast food), the body has to work harder to attempt to digest this crap (which is unnatural to the body and thus harmful to it).

It’s unfortunate that most Vitamin C brands sold today in commercial supermarkets and health food stores are synthetic and therefore indigestible and unassimilable. Most brands of Vitamin are derived from chemical ASCORBIC ACID! This is not real Vitamin C, but a chemical that mimics Vitamin C. Nature does not produce a monostructured form of Vitamin C. Nothing in Nature is pure Vitamin C and therefore nothing in Nature could be pure Ascorbic Acid. Ascorbic Acid must derive from a food (plant)

This chemical form of ascorbic acid is what is causing hepatitis and jaundice in many individuals and giving Vitamin C a bad name. All man-made chemicals will adversely affect the liver. Most Vitamin C brands on the market today are made with man-made chemicals. A few brands are made with botanicals – thank goodness!

At Dherbs.Com, that’s all we use – botanicals. We use what Nature has provided. Our Vitamin C Formula is the BEST source of Vitamin C on the market. It is well balanced, organic, digestible, assimilable, and safe!

It contains the two present day greatest concentrations of Vitamin C on the planet: Camu fruit and Amla fruit (a/k/a Indian Gooseberry). It also contains other natural sources of high concentrations of Vitamin C such as Acerola (cherry), Hibiscus flower, Rose Hips, Elderberry, Grape (seed and skin), and Capsicum fruit.

The formula is balanced with bioflavanoids from natural sources such as Lemon Peel and Orange Peel.

The formula is complemented with MSM Sulfur that is necessary for optimal Vitamin C absorption.

Dherbs.Com Vitamin C Formula is 1000% Vitamin C formulated with bioflavanoids and MSM Sulfur. It is the most complete source of Vitamin C available. It is 100% ALL NATURAL!

We especially recommend this formula for conditions such as cancer, so-called AIDS, the so-called “common cold,” weakened immune (defense) system, scurvy; hair-skin-nails problems, anemia, blood disorders (i.e. eczema, psoriasis, herpes, lupus, etc.); high cholesterol, dental problems (i.e. bleeding gums), adrenal gland disorders, and the so-called “flu.”


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