I Will Live/and Now I Walk Alone

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This is poetry about life and how a person is willing to survive. It tells of a person’s strong will to live.

I Will Live

When my pockets are broke

and this is not a joke

and I have nothing to give

A new outlook on life

I will survive

I will live

When love comes crashing down

I may fall to the ground

I may have nothing to give

But I’m a survivor and I will live

When the tough rope slips and I lose hold

When I am left standing in the cold

Even if I had not much to eat

Nor shoes to cover my cold feet

I may not have much to give

But I’m a survivor and I will live

 This poem tells of a broken relationship and now one is left to walk life alone. It tells of the stone heart of the person and how they prefer to be alone.

Now I Walk Alone

Now I walk alone,

with my heart made of stone.

Our love is of the past,

I felt it wouldn’t last.

Now I walk alone,

all my teardrops are gone.

Our memories will soon fade,

and the pain will go away.

Now I walk alone,

in a very peaceful zone.

No more times together,

I knew it wouldn’t last forever.

Now I walk alone,

the most loving place is home.

I’m glad that you are gone,

so that I may be alone.


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