Relax When Brainstorming For Brilliant Ideas.

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Could you use a hot new idea? Got a problem that keeps bugging you and you just can’t find a Answer to it.

Here are a few ways to shake the spider webs loose and get the brain juices flowing.

Focus on what you really interested in. Why is it that you want what you want?

We often get slowed down in our search for a end, letting everyday concerns dictate all of our precious time.

Set aside all the fears that you feel and spend a few minutes day dreaming deeply about what it is you really want to accomplish, and Ideas, as well as strategies are bound to come to mind.

Change your routine. Take a nap during the day hours and try to do your thinking in the evening. leave your computer often and take a short walk.

Try some low impact stretching exercises. Sometimes even taking a very deep breath can get you motivated to get back to working again.

Keep a note book handy. I’m surprised at how everyone’s face lights up when I admit I keep my important notes written on the palm of my hand. “I do that too they say. Keep your note book in a handy place where you can can grab it when a idea suddenly comes mind.

And lastly, when it’s time to go to bed, it’s time to go to sleep. Let every thing go to get a good nights sleep. Pick up the next work day were you left off the previous day.


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