I Sat There Waiting

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I Sat There Waiting

This poem will describe the feelings of someone who is expecting a call from someone they love, but the call never comes. It also shows the person having faith in God and praying. A poem about a relationship. As the person is waiting for their call they are remembering times they shared together. As memories come to mind, the person cries and prays to God and asks Him to let the last of the tears fall. A smooth flowing poem about waiting calmly until the expectations didn’t come.

I sat there waiting for you to call me,

but the phone did not ring.

As I sat there waiting,

I thought of very many things.

The times we were together and

how you made me smile.

I sat there waiting,

wishing I could hold you for a while.

I sat there waiting,

just so I could hear your voice.

And as I sat there,

I remembered it was my wrong choice.

Now life brings about new seasons,

that is only known to God for His reasons.

So, I just sat there waiting,

and I asked God while I was praying,

to let the last teardrop fall,

while I was waiting for you to call.


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