7 Super Simple Ways to Save Money

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#1 — Go out for dessert instead of dinner.  Dinners out can get expensive but it’s not fun to stay in every night.  Eat dinner at home and go out for dessert.  To save time and reduce the temptation to go out to eat, make up large batches of food and freeze it in individual serving containers.  This way you can heat up a homemade gourmet meal in minutes then go out for a yummy dessert after wards.

#2 — Borrow instead of Buy.  Need a special tool for a project or maybe a hedge trimmer or tent.  Go to NeighBorrow.com to find someone near you that will happily lend you theirs, free of charge. 

#3 —  Turn down (or up, depending on the season and climate you live in) your thermostat before you leave your house.  Shut the vents off in rooms that you do not use during the day, such as, bedrooms or family room and keep the doors closed.  No sense in heating or cooling rooms that are not being used.

#4 — Have a Clothing Swap with friends.  Invite your friends to clean out their closets, bring over their unwanted clothing and accessories along with a dish to pass.  Lay out everyone’s clothes.  Eat, mingle and shop – for FREE!  You’ll probably leave with at least a couple of new fun pieces to add to your wardrobe, and you’ll have a fun and free night out.  Simply donate all of the left over items to charity. 

#5 — Unplug items you are not using.  Even if they are off they are still pulling current.  This cost savings will add up to more than you think.  If you don’t want to continually be unplugging items, invest in a Smart Strip (different than a standard power strip).  It does not allow your items to pull electric current when off.  You will probably cut your electric bill in half.

#6 — Wash all your clothes in cold water. It’s better for your clothes, especially darks, and generally they come out just as clean.  Just use a little pre-spot if needed.  Also, stop running your water continuously when brushing your teeth or washing dishes.

#7 —  Consider buying gently used versus new, check Craigslist.org, Ebay.com or HandMeDowns.com before paying retail.  You can save a bundle!

Added bonus: It’s great for our environment when we re-distribute items instead of tossing things out and re-manufacturing new things.

Cheers to saving our planet and saving money!


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