Random Relationship Advice

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When you start a relationship you must make sure you know this individual well. Now, is a lie detector test going to far? :0) Make sure you don’t ask too many questions at one time. Make sure you are listening to every word he or she is saying. Sometimes its difficult to figure out what to talk about when you first meet someone. So, even if you write out some question for your first date can be good too. Sometimes its good to be honest with the other person even if you think the other person isn’t.Suddenly, your probably worrying is this person being honest with you. Don’t worry! Unless you have a lie detector hooked up to the person you will never know. You must have faith in the person. It is obvious that something attracted you to this person so be calm.

Next step is to keep your new relationship spicy at all times. Try not to be predictable because he or she will get used to the old you and will not expect any change. Try to be creative when you go on second, third, fourth, etc. dates. Avoid repeating yourself in converstations. Some people are scared to talk about marriage and kids but its ok to ask if he or she has already been hitched or ….has children.


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