The Wet Pavement/popsicles

This is nature poetry about how the pavement looks after the rain with the sunlight gleeming down on it. It also tells a bit about people walking on wet pavement.

The Wet Pavement

The wet pavement glistens under the sunlight like cracked glass,

from the early mist of morning rain that diminished so fast.

Flowers that line the walkway spread their sweet perfume through the air,

as the sun’s glare,

paints a picture there.

On the wet pavement, people rush by with caution taking care,

not to slip down,

on the ground.

This poem tells of popsicles and how chilling they are as a treat in the summertime. Kids love popsicles and they come in many flavors. Popsicles come at cheap price and they are so enjoyable.


 A savory treat in the hot summer heat,

popsicles are delicious and sweet.

Strawberry just can’t be beat,

and lime is just so very neat.

Popsicels are very cheap,

so every kid can enjoy and eat.

Frozen ice ,

that is flavored so nice.

They sure melt fast,

and they won’t last.

Popsicles are really a blast.

My favorite treat,

in the hot summer heat,

give me more popsicles to eat.

I’d much rather have a frozen popsicle,

than a plain ole sour pickle.

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