Why Need to Detoxify?

Most of the toxin are coning from colon. Especially people that having constipation. This is one of the reasons why many people take a lot of detox product, but cannot get the result. We must clean our colon, in the same time of detox.

Consequences of toxin accumulate

Brain-Poor memory, Alzheimer’s disease,depression

Lung-Asthma,lung cancer, skin disease,pimples

Liver-Hepatitis,cirrhosis,liver cancer,fatty liver,skin problems

Bile-Cholesterol,gallbladder stone,hedisease, stroke

Colon-Colon ulceration,colon cancer

Kidney-High blood pressure,kidney failure, uric acids, gout

Pancreatic-Diabetes,obesity,pancreas cancer

Constipation will lead to illness. Feces that accumulated at colon will produce a lot of toxin. Toxin will reabsorb at colon, and the toxin will go into blood, and transfer to whole body. This action will cause damage of cells and organs.

According to Cancer Report of Peninsular Malaysia 2006, colon cancer is the first killer among male group. Meanwhile, Colon Cancer ranks as the 2nd most common cancer in women.

Consequences of constipation

toxin reabsorb


bad breath

skin dryness and sensitive


skin pigmentation

indigestion, flatulence


Chronic disease such as : arteriosclerosis, liver disease, diabetes

colon cancer

Many people use laxative to treat constipation, but this will affect colon function and cause dependency problems. We should use natural foods to help for defecation. fiber is natural ‘cleansing agent in food’. It cleanses the intestinal tracts, promote bowel movement. fiber is 100% safe for long term using.

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