Butterscotch The Crazy Cat

Butterscotch saw something moving underneath a blanket on his master’s bed and decide to seek it out.  To find out what was moving just ,so slightly.   Inch by inch he crept slowly toward the bed and when he got close enough to the bed he jumped up there in hopes to get a better look.

On top of the covers all he could see was something moving slightly and the urge over took him to pounce on it.  Going down closer to the covers and then all of sudden he pounces on the object moving underneath the covers.  He bites down on it and when all of sudden he hears his master crying out in pain.

As Butterscotch flys down the hallway, things crash on the each side of his body which makes him fly that much faster.  His spitits are flying high as he finds a spot to hide from his master who was looking for him to paddle his tender rump.

As he hid deep underneath the dresser in the bathroom, he could see his master’s feet going  back and forth looking for him.  His master had stopped right in front of the spot where he was hiding and then he went on.  Creeping out he noticed a string hanging down as the urge overtook him to pounce on something.   He gave it a tenderly pull when he heard something move and decide to move it once more.  Without giving a second thought what he had just got away  with and gave one hard shove.  Down came the jug hitting him squarely hitting him in the head about seconds before he gets totally soaked from his master, who was standing in the doorway watching him.

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