What IS Toxin?

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Modern Toxicology states that, any trace of elements that enter our body and which reacts with our functional tissue chemically or physically, jeopardizes their normal physiological functions and results in temporary or permanent pathology is called toxin.

We are what we eat and drink, a lot of diseases are caused by improper eating habits. A lot of nutrients and enzymes will run off during cooking process. To ensure that our body have enough nutrients, we should eat 5-7 servings of different types of vegetables.

Where is toxin come from?

Constipation, liver diseases

Unhealthy lifestyle such as, smoking, drinking alcohol, sleep late and stress. All this will decrease the ability of your body to self detoxified. This will make the toxic accumulate in the body.

Low metabolic rate

contaminated air (vehicle exhaust,factory emissions,second hand smoke)

Food (beta-agonist, antibiotics,pesticides,processed foods,preservatives,heavy metal)

Drinking water (chlorine,heavy metal (from rusty pipe, or contaminated water)

Daily supplies (boxes,plastic bottles,aluminium products such as rice cooker,cans,filling filler)

Symptoms of toxin accumulate

Bad  breath, body odor

Skin luster, pigmentation

Fatique, non-energetic

lazy bed, feeling unwell, tired

unable to concentrate


headache, giddiness,insomnia

black rim of eye

frequent diarrhea or constipation

always feeling stress,anxiety

eczema,skin dryness,sensitive skin,pimples

easy gain weight, very difficult to reduce weight

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