Friday Night Smackdown 8-27

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So this weeks show started with mainly a preview of what is coming up.  Nice change from all the recaps WWE is inclined to do.  The curtain jerker is a very surprising world title match.  Rey Mysterio versus Kane with no disqualification.  How is this match first?  There has to be something that’s going to happen that will make this match being first make more sense.  I doubt the match will actually have a beginning, middle and end.  But should I be wrong I’ll predict Kane as the winner.  The storyline goes that Rey has an injured arm.  I think it particularly bizarre that what would be considered a Summerslam main event match is given away not only for free but as the first match on Smackdown.  This is not a complaint though.  if the match goes through as normal I will be very happy.  But I’m thinking that Alberto Del Rio guy will interfere or something.  I bet the fans would go nuts if Kane put his old mask back on.  But I guess Rey is the only one allowed to wear one now.  Rey ended up being choke slammed onto a steel chair and the match ended.  WOW.  I am impressed.  A great title match with a clean ending is what Smackdown leads off with.  Rey acted hurt after the match ended and Alberto Del Rio came out in his suit with a mic in hand.  One of the trainers was helping Rey out and Del Rio took a moment to feign concern for Rey’s health.  Then after comparing Rey to a dying dog he attacked Rey and put him in that arm bar hold again.  I am impressed by this feud.  I wish they’d stop speaking in Spanish to each other as I don’t understand Spanish but other than that this feud could really be strong.

Just as Alberto appeared to be leaving he came back, grabbed the steel chair in the ring and did a complicated maneuver involving Rey’s arm, the chair and the ring post.  He casually walked away and commercial break.

After commercial, they recapped what went down with Del Rio and Mysterio.  When that was over the Straight Edge Society came out.  A match between JTG and C.M. Punk.  I predict a win for Punk in this match.  It doesn’t help that the SES is outside the ring so outside interference is near guaranteed but JTG is no where near the wrestler that Punk is.  Wow, another clean win with an anaconda vice move.  I know we’re not very far into Smackdown but I am very impressed by this episode.  I was a little surprised that they used JTG so much as a jobber but it really helps to boost Punk’s heat. 

Punk then grabbed a mic and bragged about how he is setting a great example for the SES and the other members of SES need to follow suit or they’ll be gone.

A backstage promo with Hornswoggle dressed as a plant again while Teddy Long read a magazine.  I can’t stand Hornswoggle.  He played charades with Teddy Long.  I have a hard time talking about this segment without getting deeply annoyed.  So I’m done recapping it.  I would hope that even the kids that like Hornswoggle would be annoyed by this segment.

Next, we had some promoting of the upcoming Night of Champions then a recap of the Kofi/Dolph match from last week.  This week they wrestle but if Dolph gets disqualified Kofi gets the intercontinental championship. 

We had another public service announcement from Dashing Cody Rhodes teaching us the importance of shaving our entire body including our legs.  That’s just creepy.  I’ve always thought there should be a “real man” of wrestling that doesn’t shave his body and makes fun of the wrestlers that do for doing so.  BE A MAN!

Finally, the Dolph/Kofi match started.  I predict a win for Dolph on this one.  Kofi’s jaw is apparently still dislocated?  Having a hard time with that storyline twist but I’ll accept it for the sake of a good match we’re likely to see between the two of them.  Of course, they neglected to cover what would happen if Dolph gets counted out instead of disqualified.  You think they’d go that route though?  That would be a really cheap ending.  Pretty good match though.  There was an excellent nail biting moment while Kofi was pinning Dolph, Dolph grabbed the bottom rope just as the ref’s hand came down to count three.  The ref caught it and there was some drama between the ref and Kofi for a moment.  Very well done.

Later Vickie smacked Kofi while the ref’s back was turned and Dolph yelled at her for it.  This is surprisingly well done.  This match has had a lot of close pin attempts.  These two are pretty talented.  I’m not a fan of either of their characters but they are great wrestlers.  The action went outside.  Vickie couldn’t interfere but she attempted to stand in the way.  I’m sensing a count out.  Both men were laid out and just as both men were about to get in the ring Vickie blocked Dolph and Dolph got to keep his championship.  Kofi then got very angry and started chasing Dolph around the arena.

Even though i’d indicated that a count out would be a cheap ending they handled it very well.  I typically like clean wins and losses unless there is a good reason to not do them and in this case the execution was so well done it’s hard to complain about the count out.

Next Jack Swagger had his match against MVP.  The rules were more amateur wrestling oriented.  The first person to get five take downs wins.  Now normally I would predict a win for MVP here mainly because it just makes sense to have the babyface get over on the heel under these circumstances.  But the stakes of the match makes me lean towards Swagger winning because watching him host a VIP lounge would be more entertaining than a block party.  Unless I was invited to the block party.  Swagger got the first three takedowns.  it appeared as though this was going to be a good series but then MVP punched Swagger and got himself disqualified.  Swagger won but was still upset at being punched.  Swagger attacked MVP and put an angle lock on him.  MVP tapped and Swagger left.

Next was a backstage segment of Le Cool (Flawless) with Kaval.  I am not a fan of this gimmick and I still don’t like backstage segments.

After that we got to watch a recap of the Drew McIntyre/Christian match.

Then we meet Del Rio’s personal announcer and Alberto (whose entrance resembles JBL”s just a little too much) came out.  His opponent is Carlos Sanchez.  A guy I’m not familiar with so I assume he’s just a jobber.  Del Rio is a pretty good heel.  The jobber took his bumps pretty well but that beautiful cross arm breaker was put on and the jobber tapped quickly. 

Next was the Big Show versus Luke Gallows of the SES with kelly kelly in the Big Show’s corner.  I predict a Gallows win somehow only so that he won’t be kicked out of the SES.  But Big Show punched Gallows in the face and picked up the win.  So I was wrong on that count.  He celebrated with Kelly Kelly in the ring.

The main event was actually just the Undertaker cutting a promo in the ring.  It was a fairly decent promo until it was interupted by Kane coming out.  He started his own promo.  Apparently the Undertaker has a cold cause he kept coughing in the ring.  But their promos were decent enough.  Though in a little melodramatic I guess that’s to be expected with their characters.

The match quality was great.  The backstage segments were rediculous.  I have to give the show a 7 out of 10.


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