Truth And Good

“I am as God created me, and I am free, whole and complete as I am.
I am enough, I have enough, and I do enough.
I wake up from the dream of lack.
I am drenched in abundance at all times.
Every sunrise is proof of my infinite wealth,
every breath is a miracle, and all is supremely and eternally well.”
(The Bigger Secret – Scott Kalechstein)

Now put this across the street from the following line:

“Human beings are by birth prone to evils of every kind, and from birth on they tend towards the pursuits of hell.” (TCR 329.2)

To be sure, this quote from Swedenborg is deliberately one-sided. And note the phrases “prone to” and “tend towards.” This means that the above line could possibly, freely, be re-phrased like this: “Human beings are not evil and do not of themselves want what’s bad.” Which is much closer to the teachings of the New Church.

However, there is still a contrast. “I am as God created me” vs. “I am prone to evil.” Where does this contrast come from?

The Kalechstein quote above attempts to express the good. The Swedenborg quote expresses the truth. That doesn’t mean that Kalechstein’s words are false. Quite the contrary. They are so true that they cannot be expressed sensibly to our rational minds. It’s much easier to express the truth, which is masculine and harsh, black-and-white. Swedenborg tells the truth. Kalechstein tells the good.

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