The God Point

In 2009 I attended a Mind-Body-Spirit exhibition in Philadelphia. One presentation was by a Japanese man, who didn’t speak English. So he had this girl translating every sentence. He talked about chi healing, if I remember right.

Anyway, in his talk he said proudly that no matter what a patient came with he would use the same method and give the same advice. Breathe into your dungeon point. He showed us in the audience where that point was and got us right there to breathe through that point.

It wasn’t actually called the dungeon point, but that’s what the Japanese word sounded like. It was located just below the navel.

It was kind of humorous. Here was a physician, professing a cure for all ills, and admitting that he only had one cure. It was both kind of funny and kind of intriguing. Could it be that simple?

Isn’t the situation the same with a religion? No matter what is bothering a person, no matter what their struggle is, the method is: breathe through your God point. A person may come to church out of boredom seeking some energy, out of sadness seeking some joy, out of anger seeking some healthy way to put that to use. In the church they will be shown to breathe through their God point. The cure for all ills. There is after all only one cure.

That would be some church, eh?

By the way, since I have been to the dungeon point presentation and started to use that way of breathing, I have enjoyed perfect health. I used to get a cold once every few months. No more.

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